Thursday, April 30, 2009

WiMAX is here Atlanta!

WiMAX is here!

WiMAX is the latest in wireless broadband technology, or 4G.

WiMAX from CLEAR is here! Be the very first on YOUR block to have Clear WiMAX Super High Speed Mobile Internet!

Are you tired of Comcast and AT&T's Customer NO-Service?

Comcast and AT&T simply can not beat our price plans and excellence in customer service.

Choose from a variety of money-saving plans, as well as VoIP service for only $40 a month with unlimited calling. With Clear Voice, we don't share the wireless spectrum like Vonage or other similar VoIP services, meaning NO dropped calls, NO echoing, NO horrible service! Just crystal clear VoIP service - only $25 a month!

Call today for a demonstration, installation and learn all about Clear's WiMAX Super High Speed Mobile Internet!

With no cable or phone lines to deal with, the cost is transferred to you, the customer!

Be the FIRST on your block to get Clear's WiMAX and get rid of Comcast and AT&T today!

Call me today at
404-906-1140 or throw me an e-mail at and sign up today! For as little as $20 a month, save on your Inernet needs!

There are many different configurations and setups available, so get in touch with me for all the details!